Avoiding Legal Trouble

Why A First-Time DWI Offender Should Hire A Lawyer

Are you facing charges after a law enforcement officer caught you driving while intoxicated (DWI)? If this is your first time getting in trouble with the law, you may be able to get a light penalty with the help of a lawyer. Find out below how a lawyer can get you the minimum penalty as a first-time DWI offender, as well as an estimate of what you will have pay for legal assistance.

What Can a Lawyer Do for a First Time DWI Offender?

If you are facing jail time for DWI as a first-time offender, a lawyer can help you get out of it. The first thing that he or she will do is obtain your criminal records to prove to the court that you are not a habitual criminal. Rather than you spending time behind bars, your lawyer can request that you are monitored while driving. For instance, an ignition lock device can be installed in your vehicle that makes it mandatory for you to test your blood alcohol level at random. You can't even start the vehicle without passing the blood alcohol test!

Sometimes DWI offenders are required to get the ignition lock device, but a lawyer can also argue that you don't need it. You may be able to continue driving your vehicle as it is if the lawyer proves that you have a good driving record overall. He or she will also gather evidence that proves you are not an alcoholic. The evidence may be in the form of character witnesses that can speak on your behalf, such as friends and your employer.

You may be able to walk away with only a sentence to serve time in an alcohol treatment facility. However, community service is the only sentence likely as a first-time offender if it is proven that you are not a regular drinker. Community service or monitored driving devices are the ideal. If you don't have a good lawyer to defend you, you could be subject to a few months to a year in jail; and, you could be fined for as much as $2,000!

What is the Estimated Price Charged by a DWI Lawyer?

A guilty first-time offender can expect to pay an estimate of $500 or more for the assistance of a DWI lawyer. However, you can also be charged by the hour at the rate of $100 or more. The complexity of your case will play a role in the overall price. Get in touch with a DWI lawyer, like Hornthal Riley Ellis & Maland LLP, for more information about DWI cases.