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Why A First-Time DWI Offender Should Hire A Lawyer

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Are you facing charges after a law enforcement officer caught you driving while intoxicated (DWI)? If this is your first time getting in trouble with the law, you may be able to get a light penalty with the help of a lawyer. Find out below how a lawyer can get you the minimum penalty as a first-time DWI offender, as well as an estimate of what you will have pay for legal assistance. What Can a Lawyer Do for a First Time DWI Offender? If you are facing jail time for DWI as a first-time offender, a lawyer can help you get out of it. The first...

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3 Types Of Documents You’ll Need For Estate Planning

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While no one enjoys pondering how life will be after they are gone, it is important to ponder how your estate will be dispersed after you’re gone. Estate planning is a very important matter, especially if you’ve got multiple assets that you desire to pass on to your children, grandchildren, or other relatives. In this case, when you prepare your estate for after your death, you are essentially building and adding to your last will and testament. Consult with a probate attorney to help you get started organizing your documents for...

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Finalizing The Divorce: Can You Still Get Custody If You Are Not The Registered Owner?

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More and more American households own at least one pet. Dogs, especially, are quite popular, with a population of 78 million living in American households in 2012. Most people consider their dogs as family members, and it’s difficult for couples to come to an agreement during a divorce regarding who gets the dog.  Depending on whom the dog is licensed to, circumstances change. Speak to a divorce attorney if you have any questions. When the Dog Is Registered to One Person Only Dogs are technically considered as property in the eyes...

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How Gifting Of Assets Is Beneficial In Estate Planning

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If you are retired and have a lot of assets, now is the time for you to start preparing your estate. With the right plan, you may be able to help your kids avoid having to pay a lot of money for inheritance taxes, and one of the ways to do this is by gifting your assets to them. What is gifting of assets? Gifting of assets refers to the process that occurs when one person gives another person a large asset. This could be a gift of money, land, or anything else of value. As long as guidelines are met, there are no taxes involved with gifting...

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What’s The Difference Between A Pardon And A Commuted Sentence?

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Although appealing a criminal case is the most common way people convicted of crimes attempt to have those court decisions overturned, there are other avenues a person can pursue that may also offer a chance a freedom. Specifically, you can apply for a pardon or a commuted sentence. Though these two legal concepts achieve the same goal, they are not the same thing. Here’s the difference and what you need to do to pursue either option. Pardon vs. Commuted Sentence Pardons and commuted sentences are both conferred by government officials....

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Two Of The Most Common Myths About Workers Compensation That Small Business Owners Need To Know

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If you’re a small business owner, you know that it can be tough to manage all the legalities that go into running your business. When it comes to insurance for your employees, things can be even tougher to figure out. Most business owners are basically familiar with what workers compensation is, but they don’t understand it fully. In fact, many small business owners choose to do without workers compensation insurance entirely. Because of that, there are a lot of myths that surround this area. Here’s a look at some of the...

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Pushing For Support From Veterans Affairs Claims

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Navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs’ compensation system can be difficult, and it may be even harder when dealing with head pain. Whether you’re the victim of traumatic injury or suffering an unknown pain source, you need to get some sort of compensation or assistance before the problem gets worse. As you plan your claim, take the time to understand a few Veterans Affairs (VA) claim system characteristics to make your claim as successful as possible. What Is Veterans Affairs Compensation? In order to support veterans who...

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How To Sue Your Doctor For Misdiagnosis

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Medical misdiagnosis accounts for 15% of patient suffering according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. A wrongful diagnosis can cause needless suffering and death of a patient. However, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is not always a case of medical malpractice. Here are some tips on how to prove wrongful diagnosis: Determine If the Doctor Made a Diagnostic Mistake In order to file a claim, you must determine if the doctor was negligent and made a diagnostic mistake. Even skilled doctors can make mistakes diagnosing...

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Considering Mediation For Your Divorce? 5 Signs That It Might Not Be Right For You

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If you’re trying to maintain control of expenses during a divorce, you may be considering mediation. In the best of circumstances, mediation can keep legal expenses down, reduce the amount of time spent in negotiations, and eliminate the need for a drawn out court battle. However, there are times when mediation is not recommended. Take a look at the list below. If any of the situations apply to you, mediation might not be in your best interest. Abusive Relationship If you’ve been the victim of abuse during your marriage, mediation...

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You Still Have A Case: Understanding Partial Fault In Car Accidents

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A car accident isn’t always simply one person’s fault or another. Sometimes, blame and liability for the accident can exist between all parties involved. The main problem with partial fault is it can create a legal tangle. It can also prevent you from receiving the compensation you need for injuries and damages. All or Nothing It’s easy to believe personal injury lawsuits are “all or nothing” endeavors, but that’s inaccurate. Even if you have partial liability in a car accident, it doesn’t mean you...

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