Avoiding Legal Trouble

What Not To Do With Your Auto Accident Claim

No matter the injuries or level of property damage, auto accident claims are not open and shut cases. There are a number of factors that can have a positive or negative effect on a case, including your own actions. Make sure you know what not to do with your accident case.

Not Cooperating with your Physician

When it comes to an auto accident claim, the word and instruction of your physician should be perceived as gold. Failing to meet your medical appointments as suggested, not taking medication or participating in physical therapy or engaging in more activity than suggested by the doctor are all mistakes. The attorneys representing the negligent party can argue that your failure to cooperate is somehow contributing to your injuries, leading to decreased compensation.

Discussing Fault

Shortly after an accident, insurance companies contact all parties involved to get information about the incident. If you haven't secured an attorney yet, you will need to participate. Remember that the conversation is being recorded. Any questionable remarks will be used against you. Even a statement like "If I was paying attention I might not have gotten hit," is damaging because you are inadvertently stating you're at least partially at guilt. Keep your answers based on facts, leave your opinion out of it.

Giving False Information

Make sure you aren't giving any false information. This is particularly important when it comes to previous injuries or existing medical injuries. Take someone who suffers a broken arm as a result of an accident, for example. If this individual fails to mention that they broke the same arm 10 years ago, this could be perceived as deception. Deception that could cause the origins of your injuries to go under heightened scrutiny and possibly cause your claim to be denied.

Waiting to Hire an Attorney

You can hire an attorney at any point; however, it's best to make this move early. Don't wait until you discover the insurance company isn't going to offer you the claim you believe you deserve to hire an auto accident attorney. A successful case is contingent on extensive investigating, witness reports and a host of other details. When you hire an attorney quickly, the attorney has ample time to build your case. Waiting until the last minute closes the time frame in which your case can be built.

When it comes to an auto accident claim, an attorney is your lifeline. Make sure you are relying on the expertise of an attorney with your case.