Avoiding Legal Trouble

Avoid Accidents With Motorcyclists This Spring

Warmer spring weather often brings out motorcyclists hoping to enjoy the freedom of the open road. As a automobile driver, it's your responsibility to share the road safely with other vehicles, including motorcycles. Because of their small size and different handling capability, motorcyclists are often overlooked in traffic by automobile drivers. This mistake can lead to accidents and injuries. Knowing how to properly share the road with motorcyclists can help you avoid tragedy this season.

Allow Greater Following Distance

Motorcyclists can stop more quickly than car drivers. Following a motorcyclist too closely can be dangerous because the motorcycle can come to a full stop well before your car. Give motorcyclists extra room when driving behind them, especially when the roads are slick from spring showers. If you are responsible for rear ending a motorcyclist with your vehicle this spring, you could potentially be held responsible for damages to the vehicle and medical expenses for the motorcyclist.

Be Aware of Motorcycle Driving Patterns

Passenger vehicles can easily driver over potholes and small pieces of debris in the road, however, motorcycles handle potholes and debris very differently. Motorcycles that drive over potholes and debris are at risk of having accidents, which can lead to terrible injury for the motorcyclist.

To avoid problems in the road, motorcyclists swerve in their lanes. Many car drivers fail to expect this kind of behavior. Crowding a motorcyclist gives him or her less space to swerve. When changing lanes around motorcyclists and driving beside motorcyclists, give that vehicle as much space as you would a car, even though the motorcycle itself is smaller.

Change Lanes Safely

Motorcycles are smaller, often have only one headlight, and are therefore easy for many drivers to miss. This may be especially true in drizzly spring weather, when reflections on the road can make it easy to miss visual information in the rear view mirror. Check your rear view mirror twice before changing lanes, to watch for motorcycles approaching from behind. Also, turn on your turn signal before the lane change occurs. Waiting until you've begun a lane change to signal the maneuver doesn't give oncoming motorcyclists enough warning of your intentions, and can lead to accidents.

Know Where to Turn in an Accident

Accidents can happen even when car drivers are driving safely. If you are involved in an accident with a motorcyclist this spring, you may need a skilled car accident lawyer to help you defend your rights or get the compensation you need. For help, contact a reputable lawyer, such as Carl L. Britt, Jr., in your area who has experience involving cases between motorcyclists and car drivers.