Avoiding Legal Trouble

When You Have Disability Insurance: Applying For Benefits When You Have Private Insurance

While each private disability insurance policy is a bit different, the reason you have disability insurance is to cover lost wages if you find yourself suddenly disabled. You will have to take a careful look at your policy to see what constitutes a disability, and see if your current condition applies to your policy. If you believe you are disabled, you will need your primary care physician to share detailed information regarding the aspects of your disability, so that your insurance provider can determine whether to approve benefits or not.

The Elimination Period

The elimination period is the length of time you have to be disabled before you can begin collecting benefits. Social security disability benefits come with a five month waiting period, meaning that you don't begin to collect benefits until the sixth month after your disability began. Your private disability insurance may have a different elimination period. In general, the more expensive your policy is, the shorter the elimination period is. It is important to apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled so that you can establish the start of your elimination period.

Read Over Your Medical Records for Inconsistencies

Your insurance company will be able to review any medical records that they deem necessary, and it's important that these records are an accurate representation of your health and the treatment you have been receiving. Take the time to look over your records and your initial application for benefits to make sure that there are no inconsistencies. While you may have answered to the best of your ability at the time of your application, these answers may not be reflected in your medical record. 

Follow All Treatment Recommendations

If you are trying to get benefits for a disability, you will need to show proof that you are struggling with a disability. This means that despite regular medical care and following all treatment recommendations, you are still struggling with aspects of your disability. The more you can get treatment providers to back up your claim, the more likely you are to get benefits approved without having to file an appeal.

From the moment you are disabled, you should be working with your insurance company to obtain disability benefits. If you are not having success, it is probably time to work with an attorney who can help you navigate this often complicated system. Click this link for more information.