Avoiding Legal Trouble

Motorcyclists Are At High Risk For High Expenses

Unfortunately, people who are in motorcycle accidents incur severe accidents and injuries. The scope of these incidents can be quite large, especially because motorcyclists are so exposed when they ride. Want to know more about the steep challenges ahead of motorcyclists involved in accidents? Read on to learn more.

Why Are Motorcyclists At High Risk for Severe Injuries?

Motorcyclists are at high risk because they are frequently thrown from their bikes. Even at low speeds, bikers can be tossed off their bikes. They can experience bruises, cuts, and broken bones even in the most minor of accidents. Even thick clothing and helmets may not provide adequate protection.

What Injuries Are Motorcyclists at Higher Risk For?

Some injuries are much more common for motorcyclists than they might think. Traumatic brain injuries are by far one of the biggest risks motorcycle riders face. This is especially the case because these injuries can have severe effects that last months and years. A very severe TBI can even influence your physical and cognitive functioning.

Spinal cord injuries are also common. They can be especially dangerous because the spinal cord may stop communicating properly with the brain. This means that you could become paralyzed, unable to move your arms or legs.

Soft tissue injuries are also serious. Cyclists can damage their muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. Some lacerations, sprains, and strains can be especially dangerous. Some of these injuries are to the face and head, which may require cosmetic surgery to fix.

Other injuries, including fractures and internal injuries, are also serious. They can lead to severe trauma,  blood loss, and even some permanent health concerns.

What Monetary Losses Do Motorcycle Riders Face?

All injuries are difficult to deal with, but those who ride motorcycles are especially at risk for high monetary losses. The cost of dealing with these injuries is often corresponding with the severity of your injuries. This means that you may be able to sue for compensation based on these financial losses you have experienced.

So, what can a motorcycle accident victim sue for? You can receive compensation for medical expenses, which could involve the costs of an ambulance ride, hospitalization, surgery, and medication. You can also sue for lost earnings, which includes all the pay you were unable to receive because you were not able to work as you recovered. You may also be able to recover future losses and even some losses that are not economic, like pain and suffering. You can recover these losses with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney.