Avoiding Legal Trouble

Reasons To Legal Action Against An Incompetent Real Estate Agent

Buying a house can be a difficult process, and you will hope that the real estate agent will make your life easier and not create more work for you. However, some real estate agents are incompetent, and you may even find yourself in a situation where you have to sue your own real estate agent with the help of a real estate attorney.

The Consequences of an Incompetent Real Estate Agent

If the real estate agent is incompetent, you may discover that there are defects in the paperwork. For example, there might be defects that should be disclosed in the paperwork because doing so is required by state law. This can create problems when you attempt to obtain financing for your new home. 

Provisions in the Files Signed

Real estate documents will often need provisions to make sure that there are no problems with the deed and that all easements have been clarified. Therefore, you might want to have these documents reviewed by a real estate attorney. 

Forcing You Into a Price Point or Location

The real estate agent might take steps to force you to purchase only certain properties within a location. Far from simply being a sign of incompetence, this can also be illegal and can lead to the loss of a license. 

The Unauthorized Sale of a Home

Some real estate agents are not able to sell a property but attempt to sell it anyway. For example, the agent might not be authorized to sell the home or may not even have a real estate license. The agent might try to sell a home that is being purchased by another party. If you believe that the home you are purchasing is not actually authorized to be purchased, you'll want to consult with a real estate attorney. 

The deal is not considered to be legitimate if it is handled by an unauthorized real estate agent. You might be working with an agent for a company that was negligent when hiring. In this case, the real estate company might be liable for any damages you suffer as a result of the bad deal. 

Don't Assume That the Home Is Yours

You can have the paper finalized and have the deed to the home, and the sale might still not be valid if the real estate agent is unqualified or incompetent. But you did nothing wrong as a buyer, and you deserve compensation for any damages you have suffered.

To learn more, contact a real estate lawyer.