Avoiding Legal Trouble

How A Corporate Lawyer Can Help You Throughout An Acquisition

Acquiring a company can be a great way to grow your business and your acquisition can then be integrated into how you do business. By acquiring a business, you may be able to acquire valuable technology or you may be able to tap into a new market. However, you will need help from a corporate lawyer at each step of the way.

Evaluating a Company

In the early stages of acquisition, you will need an attorney who can assist you in performing a strategic evaluation and due diligence. For example, you may need to be informed about potential legal problems that might arise as you acquire a company such as being accused of engaging in anti-competitive practices.

Due diligence involves a full investigation into your investment opportunity to understand what you are acquiring and whether you will benefit from this acquisition. If you engage in due diligence with this transaction, your acquisition will be more likely to be successful. A corporate lawyer can help you with this process.

Transferring Ownership

When acquiring a company, you will need a corporate lawyer who understands the rules of transferring ownership from one party to another. Writing up and signing a contract is part of the negotiation process and you will want a corporate lawyer involved at every step of the way.

Coming Up with Creative Solutions

A lawyer will be able to help you come up with legally creative solutions to problems you encounter when trying to acquire a company. You might think that the job of a lawyer is very straightforward and analytical, but there are many ways you may be able to benefit from a corporate lawyer's creativity.

A lawyer uses both their knowledge of the law and of your business to help your business become successful within a legal framework. In some cases, the lawyer will need to use the law to tell a story that can persuade multiple stakeholders about why the acquisition makes sense from a legal standpoint.

Closing and Integrating the New Company

As you are closing and planning on integrating the newly acquired company, you will need advice from a corporate lawyer on how to do this in a manner that will benefit your business. For example, when you will be expanding into a new market, there might be unique legal challenges and regulations that you will need guidance with so that your company can profit from the decision.

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