Avoiding Legal Trouble

3 Ways Hiring A Social Security Attorney Can Be In Your Financial Best Interest

The fact is that many of the people who find themselves applying for Social Security disability benefits do not have a lot of disposable cash. Consequently, it really is no surprise that many of these individuals find themselves struggling with the decision of whether or not they should hire an attorney to represent them. After all, legal fees are often thought of as being a significant expense, especially when you do not have any money to spare. However, if you have found yourself in this position, you should know that choosing to hire a social security attorney could actually prove rather beneficial to your financial situation. Keep reading below to learn more about why. 

Establish An Accurate Start Date For Your Disability

Your right to receive disability benefits will often depend on the length of time you have been disabled. This is because these benefits are not meant to take the place of short term benefits such as workers comp benefits. Instead, these benefits are designed to help people who are expected to be out of work for an extended period of time due to their disability. For this reason it is very important to establish an accurate date that your disability began. This information can also be very important in determining how much back pay you are entitled to since some claims can be backdated to the day the disability began. Your attorney can help you to gather all the necessary documentation to clearly establish a start date for your disability. 

Ensure The Severity Of Your Disability Is Properly Documented

Many people do not realize that disability payments are not always an all or nothing situation. However, the truth is that how much you receive in disability payments can be based on the severity of your disability. This is because you can be judged as either fully and permanently disabled or only partially disabled. If you are not deemed fully disabled, you could see a much smaller benefit. Your attorney will be able to help ensure that your disability is properly documented and presented to the Social Security Administration in order to make sure you get the level of benefits that you are entitled to. 

Avoid The Need To File A New Application For Benefits

Unfortunately a large number of people will initially be denied disability benefits even if it is eventually found that they are qualified to receive these benefits. If your application is initially denied, you will need to file an appeal and present your case to an administrative judge in the hopes of getting this decision reversed. The reason that this is so important is that if your original application is eventually approved, you will still receive any back payments that you were owed. However, if you have to file a new application, you will lose out on your right to collect these payments. Hiring a Social Security attorney can help to ensure that you are successful during the appeals process so that you can avoid filing a new application and ultimately get all of the payments that you are entitled to. Get in touch with a firm like the Law Office Of Carlos Molinar for more information.