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Semi-Truck Accident? Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney Instead of a General Attorney

Getting involved in an auto accident can be incredibly disorienting. Thus, it is always best to have a lawyer represent you when seeking a claim, as they know how best to navigate the legal system on your behalf as you recuperate from the collision. However, while car accident lawyers handle a wide range of cases, you should know they do not specialize in trucking accidents. What you may not realize about truck accidents is they not only have the potential of being astonishingly devastating but receiving compensation can be exceedingly complicated. Bearing that in mind, you might consider hiring a lawyer with experience in this field. Below are reasons to hire a truck accident attorney over a car accident lawyer after a semi-truck accident.

A Truck Accident Attorney Is Familiar with the Myriad Laws Surrounding This Industry

One of the first things you should note regarding truck accidents is they differ from traditional car accidents due to the multitude of laws this industry is subject to. Unlike a passenger vehicle that is typically driven in one state, semi-trucks travel interstate daily. Hence, these trucks need to adhere to the varying laws and regulations of each different state, which makes establishing liability all the more complicated. A truck accident attorney is familiar with the complex nature of semi-truck accidents, so they know which steps they need to take to gather evidence and bolster the strength of your case.

A Truck Accident Attorney Is Aware of How Extensive Semi-Truck Insurance Policies Can Be

The second way truck accidents differ from passenger vehicle accidents is the magnitude of the insurance policies trucking companies will carry. Trucking companies will pay for exorbitantly priced policies for several reasons. First, the size of semi-trucks means an auto accident can be catastrophic, so the trucking company will need a considerable amount of money to pay for claims. Second, the interstate nature of semi-truck transportation increases the risk of getting involved in an accident since these vehicles are on the road for prolonged periods.

Therefore, the trucking company will pay a considerable amount of truck insurance to protect its assets. A mistake some individuals make after a truck accident, though, is to take the first offer the trucking company provides under the presumption it is a large payout, but you will likely be short-changed. A truck accident attorney is aware of how large semi-truck insurance policies can be. Consequently, they will pursue a worthwhile settlement on your behalf.

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