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Dealing With A Failure To Appear? Tips To Help You Resolve The Issue

If you've received a failure to appear notice, you need to take action right away. Once you receive the failure to appear notice, you have two options. You can turn yourself in, or you can wait for an arrest. Either way, you will get taken into police custody. When that happens, you'll need to take steps to resolve the issue. If you're not sure what to do now that you have the failure to appear notice, read the list provided below. Here are four steps you need to take. 

Contact a Bail Bond Agency

If you're facing arrest for a failure to appear notice, you need to contact a bail bond agency right away. If you've already had your initial bond revoked due to your failure to appear, you may have a hard time getting another bail bond. That's why you need to find a bond agency that works with people who are facing a failure to appear charge. They can help get you the bond you need once you face the judge. 

Seek Legal Representation

If you're facing charges for failure to appear, you're going to need legal representation. Once you go to court, you'll be facing the original charges. But, you'll now be dealing with the additional failure to appear charges. Your attorney can represent you on both charges. Your attorney can also help keep your bail at an affordable limit.

Attend Your Court Hearings

Now that you're dealing with failure to appear charges, make sure you attend all your court hearings. Failing to appear again could create serious problems for you. Most importantly, your bail will get revoked again. But, you might not be given the opportunity to receive bail again. That means you'll wait in police custody until your court case is resolved. Avoid those risks. Attend all scheduled court hearings. 

Request an FTA Removal

Now that you've been charged with a failure to appear, you'll want to get that charge removed from your record. Luckily, there's a way to do that. Once you turn yourself in, you'll have the chance to ask for a removal of the FTA charge. If you've hired an attorney, they can make the request on your behalf. Once the FTA gets removed, contact the bail bond company. They'll want to make a note of that on your bail bond paperwork. 

If you're looking at a failure to appear, don't wait to take action. Use the tips provided here to help you through the process.

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