Avoiding Legal Trouble

Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

Consumer protection laws support the rights of those who are harassed by spam callers. If you have been inconvenienced by telemarketers and robocalls on multiple occasions, learn how to stop the harassment associated with these types of calls.

Protection For Consumers

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) provides consumer protection. Protection for consumers is outlined through local government agencies, plus through the FTC itself. The protection safeguards buyers from defective goods and services, harassment from a merchant, and deceitful marketing tactics.

If a consumer is not able to resolve a problem between themselves and a merchant, they are advised to report it. Reporting an incident draws attention to a fraudulent or illegal activity that is the fault of a merchant. It also minimizes or stops this type of incident from occurring again.


Spam calls include live calls, prerecorded calls, and robocalls that are intended to market a good or service to a consumer. During a spam call, a consumer may be provided with accurate or misleading information about a good or service.

Typically, a call will be conducted without a consumer's permission. A call may be placed to unlisted telephone numbers, cell numbers, and private numbers. Documentation of a spam call is important. The documentation provides valid information that can be used during legal proceedings.

A consumer should request to be placed on a 'do not call list'. If a spam caller fails to grant this request, a consumer should report the spam caller to the proper government agency.

Legal Proceedings

Class action lawsuits and independent civil lawsuits hold spam callers accountable for their actions. In many cases, a legal team will prove that an individual client or a group of clients were harassed by unwarranted phone calls.

If the person or company who is responsible for making the calls is found guilty through a legal proceeding, they may be fined or ordered to compensate the person or persons whom they harassed. The punishment that a guilty party is handed may curb future spam calls from being made.

Responsible Phone Use

There are several ways for a consumer to remain protected from future callers. The consumer should always hang up on telemarketers or automated phone calls that are designed to market a good or service. They should also request to be placed on a do-not-call list at their earliest convenience.

A consumer should not post their phone number online or give their number out to anyone who they are not familiar with.

If you want to stop spam calls, reach out to a service provider.