What To Do If Your Ex Violates A Child Custody Order

One of the most contentious issues during a divorce is child custody. The court will consider the child's best interests when ruling on child custody. If you have been awarded child custody or the court rules on joint custody, you can enforce this order if your ex violates the terms of the agreement. Here are some steps you can take if your ex violates a child custody order. Ask Your Lawyer to Send Your Ex a Letter [Read More]

3 Essential Legal Measures You Need To Take To Protect Your Work Injury Benefits

Employees who are injured while performing their jobs are eligible for workers' comp benefits. These are meant to compensate them for medical expenses associated with their work-related injuries. The payment also covers wages they lose because of their injuries. In many cases, applying for these benefits is relatively straightforward, and you might handle the process yourself. However, complex issues can arise, and you may find yourself in a situation where you have to prove that you deserve compensation. [Read More]

When You May Want To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

No matter how big or small your estate is, it is wise to have a proper estate plan in place. The document may ensure that your final wishes are followed and your family is taken care of. However, you might wonder if you can draft a plan yourself or if you should work with an estate planning attorney. The answer to this question depends on your unique situation. Here are a few signs that you may want to hire an estate planning attorney. [Read More]

Dealing With A Failure To Appear? Tips To Help You Resolve The Issue

If you've received a failure to appear notice, you need to take action right away. Once you receive the failure to appear notice, you have two options. You can turn yourself in, or you can wait for an arrest. Either way, you will get taken into police custody. When that happens, you'll need to take steps to resolve the issue. If you're not sure what to do now that you have the failure to appear notice, read the list provided below. [Read More]